Illumination software and CAD extensions

Programmers at ASTRA MS Software, s.r.o. develop popular and successful CAD software for more than 20 years. Our software makes light planning, electrical engineering and HVAC engineering as easy as possible for hundreds of our customers.

Our key products are:

  • ElProCAD for electrical engineering
  • VzProCAD for HVAC engineering
  • Wils for artificial light planning
  • Wdls for daylight computations
  • Verox for material and task calculation
  • SunLis for sun exposure calculations
  • we also develop fully customized software according to our customers' needs

On our web you can find further information about our products, you can freely download and try our software and watch video demonstrations. In case of your interest we are ready to demonstrate you our apps, help you with instalation, organize training courses and give you full customer support. Do not hesitate to contact us.